We believe that every person has the potential to be a superhero, and they just need great stories that inspire them to begin unleashing their superpowers. Our mission is to help creators share and monetize those stories and help users discover, listen and remember them.

Our platform provides the best listening experience and access to exclusive Spanish audio content from top local creators, in addition to 250K audiobooks. By simply putting on their headphones 15min a day, our app enables listeners to invest in their personal development whenever their hands are busy but their mind is free (e.g: working out, walking their dog, commuting). At the same time, creators make money every second someone listens to their content, so they are incentivized to keep providing our listeners with amazing content.

We’re starting with the 572 million Hispanics in the world, with the goal to become the audio content marketplace for the entire 7.3 billion non-English speaking market underserved in local language content.

We would love for you to join us on this journey!

Below are our 5 real values - the specific behaviors we care most about. These are the values we use to decide who to hire, reward, promote, and let go. The more these sound like you and describe people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at Beek.

Our Values

Beek team first — We are the kind of company where we clean everyone's dirty dishes even if they’re not ours as if we were at home.

Be an animal — We’re passionate and hustle to find creative solutions to every problem and never give up. EVER.

Unleash user potential — We care intensely about our users and seek to optimize for them whenever and wherever possible.

Tell great stories — We strive to tell the most compelling stories to inspire both our users and our teammates.

Be the best version of yourself — We do everything we can to empower ourselves and our teammates in and outside of work

    The easiest way to remember our core values is to memorize the following short story:
    The Beek Team is a select group of animals who believe that every human is a potential super-hero, and they just need great stories that inspire them to unleash their maximum potential to become the best version of themselves.

    • Remote Work

    • Unlimited Vacations

    • Medical Insurance

    • Flexible Hours

    • Wellness and Education Stipend

    Our team

    • Pamela Valdés

      CEO & Founder

    • Guillermo Sequeira

      Co-Founder & Head of Product

    • Luis Mendoza

      Head of Engineering & Data

    • Miguel Hernández

      Head of Growth & Content

    • Alicia Ortiz

      Head of People Ops